Potency of Remedies


Always allow an animal to walk away from any application or remedy


Take care around the genital area – avoid essential oil irritants


Understand the extracts you are working with. Read up on how the remedy relates to the species that you are working with


Equines / other herbivores – hold the bottle firmly so that the hand covers most of the bottle, to prevent it from being snatched from your hand and into their mouth


Equines / other herbivores – do not use a nose bag for inhalation purposes


Equine / other herbivores – caution bottles on ledges in the stable; the horse may put one in their mouth. They also may easily be forgotten or fall and break


Cats and dogs – do not use a diffuser unless your cat or dog can walk away from the aroma into another room


Do not let a cat come into direct physical contact with an essential oil