Collection: Ingraham Kits

Please note that the shop will be temporarily closed from midday 7th June until 29th July. We thank you for your patience and understanding. You can place orders again from 25th July and I look forward to resuming dispatch from 29th July. I will only have intermittent internet access during this period, so may not be able to respond to emails until my return. Best wishes, Martin

There are three basic Ingraham Kits and a specialist Gastrointestinal Support Kit


1. The Ingraham Core Kit provides a good range of remedies to start you off. Please consider the add-on kits below depending on the species you are working with. The core-kit should be suitable for most feline challenges.


2. Canine add-on kit for those working with their canine companions


3. Equine add-on for those working with our equine companions


4. GI Kit