"When I first started using oils, I bought most of them from 'good' suppliers...Having bought a few replacements now from you, I can't ever go back! The difference in them from my point of view is intense, and the animals are all choosing oils they never wanted to go near before!"



Caroline’s products are fantastic! I use them for my own animals and recommend them to my clients. I offer the oils during sessions with the horse’s experiences in mind, particularly beneficial on first visits to nervous horses, along with Reiki. Unfortunately many horses are unable to browse so it’s even more important they’re offered herbs and flowers to support them the best we can. Amazing selection of high quality goods - nature at its best!

Thank you Caroline, Hannah Louise Jones


Thank you so much for my order- it all smelt so amazing and I could not get enough of the smell of the SAGE- it was incredible!! All of them smell so good and It was great to smell three of the new ones too! Really neat with all the packaging materials you are using and the beautiful labels and colours - love them!:-) Thanks again, and record time gets here- (quicker than NZ Post!), 

Nicola Rogers


I wanted to let you all know what a fabulous job you are all doing. My shipments arrive easily and all in tact all the time and I am very very grateful as of course the quality matters and I do not really trust many sources so your efficiency is most appreciated coming from such a distance. Aside from the service, please extend oceans of gratitude to yourselves and to Caroline for making such a difference in the animals lives.

Nicola Richardson


I would like to say a huge Thank You for your help with my poor puppies, I can't explain how grateful I am. I started to do a bit more research of Zoopharmycognsy, which was nothing short of amazing I was so interested I bought Caroline Ingraham's book "How Animals Heal Themselves"...a must read for anyone who loves animals, absolutely fantastic and so well written and a really good reference book into the bargain.



I contacted The Wild Health shop to order some more of these miraculous products and was extremely fortunate to speak with the founder of Zoopharmacognsy, Caroline Ingraham. Caroline was so knowledgeable, caring and understanding there was no push to buy products all she wanted to do was help Ben and Daisie...that customer service is in my world is unbeatable.



To date the results of Zoopharmacognsy are unbelievable both the puppies have normal skin, no lesions, almost no scratching and continue to improve on a daily basis. I have also booked a followed up session for Ben and Daisie but in addition I am working with Sasha my seven year old Labrador who is arthritic and Barney my rehomed Cockapoo who has issues too long to mention, to a session, and just know that they will benefit from it immensely.



I am still presenting products daily, what is remarkable, is that the puppies choices change, which for me endorses the fact that self selection is indeed exactly what it says, the puppies are totally free to choose what they need. Kind regards from a very grateful Mum.



Dear Caroline, Thank you for your mail and I have tried your mists. And it works, the dogs from the rescue center choose either stress or anxiety or separation or fear. And show positive behavior reactions. They calm down or are able to relax.



Just wanted to say that my delivery arrived safely this morning - just 24 hours after I was speaking to you on the phone.  Thank you for such a fast, efficient and helpful service.



Hi Caroline, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my order so quickly and how impressed I am with the new book. The layout is really good and the photographs beautiful and well chosen. It will be my bedtime reading for a few nights yet! Thank you again. Kind regards.

Jackie F


Just wanted to say thank you for sending Caroline's new book through so quickly after I ordered it. From it's cover & a quick skim, it looks fantastic. I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into it and can see the housework getting left for days on end!! Congratulations on all the hard work - it will help animals & students alike. Best wishes.

Tracy T


Hi Caroline, Hope you’re well and managing to get some relaxation days amongst all the hard work you are doing. I am so delighted with the results with these cats, so much so it makes me pretty emotional spending time with them, huge thanks.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home